New Camera


I got a new camera today. I’ve been in desperate need of one since the kids’ Christmas program, when my Kodak refurb bit the dust. So, when I caught a Canon Powershot on sale at Best Buy, I totally couldn’t resist it. I had ONE requirement for the camera, and that was that I could ZOOM while filming. Guess what? I can! I got a Canon PowerShot A3400 IS and I’m already totally in love with it already, LOL!

Days 2 & 3

I knew I’d fail at the beginning. 😆

Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name:
There’s always more to the story, on everything, and I was like, “That’s awesome for a blog name” and well, once I started using it, it stuck. I’ve had it for awhile, now, and I adore it! I’ve had it since at least August of 2006. Going on SEVEN YEARS with this name! ?

Day 2: A song that makes you cry.

Watch this, listen to the stories, and tell me you won’t!

Day 02 –> Something you love about yourself.
I love my eyes. I am starting to love that I have to wear glasses. I can be more me with them!
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Kids, Games, Sickness, and More

Friday, Madison FINALLY went back to school. I cannot say how THANKFUL I am for that! Oh god, FINALLY! While she was sick, I took advantage of some lazy time and did some scrapbooking. Seriously, this is like my CRACK, I’m telling you, 😆

Ethan with his collection of Legos. He got even MORE this week with his Christmas money and gift cards he got for being SIXTH overall for highest seller in popcorn!

Kit: He Plays by Connie Prince
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