fitbit stats

Reasons to Love or Praise FitBit

  1. This is the longest I’ve worn a pedometer and regularly used it! This is going on Month 03. That’s a nice record.
  2. My FitBit now has more bands than my Inspire had cases. And that’s a good thing. I’m not risking a rash from nasties growing, *and* I’m more likely to wear it when I can match or coordinate.
  3. After walking, happily, with a HUGE smile on my face, for over 20k in steps, I’m finding I’m a happier person when I’ve walked or worked out.
  4. I’ve also sadly found out that I can’t run outside. It’s not anything to do with my cardio. It’s all because of how my feet are. I need to find shoes that will allow me to wear insoles. Shoes that I actually would be caught wearing.
  5. I’m picky about things like clothes and shoes, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Those things are the things that keep me motivated. OOHH!! I completed my goals for 2 weeks straight! New clothes! I lost 5lb and my clothes are too big! Shopping trip.
  6. Actually, if I do good on these things, I’m hoping to convince Josh to let me get a heartrate monitor, so I can more accurately track how my heart is doing. I’m known for having a faster heartbeat rate, and I’m not sure how that translates for actual calorie burning :/
  7. Something like this would be perfect, I think: Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor. It’s cute, girly, and will still be good. Plus, it’s good for swimming, and the like, which means, basically, I’d NEVER have to take it off. One wrist would have that, the other would have the FitBit Flex. Or the FitBit would go in a pocket. Or one wrist would have both. Or I’d change to a different FitBit. Either way … win-win all around, I think!