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This Crazy Week … And Next Week! PLUS SOME CAVE PICS!

I was on VACATION. I meant to blog while I was gone but the internet SUCKED at the hotel. I couldn’t get pics to upload. AT ALL. WordPress app isn’t working on my phone, either. Issues with image uploading. Something with Jetpack. Ugh.
The lack of internet also had an effect on my ability to work out. When your workouts are online, that messes up things ?

But I did give Shakeology a try. I think I might be getting a month of it at some point, to give it a full shake but the days I had it, I found it easier to make smarter food decisions. I felt like I had more energy. And … the best part? My strange digestive system didn’t hate it! It seemed to even like it!
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25 June, 2017 · 8:12 pm

The KC Zoo

Went to the Kansas City Zoo. Walked around for four hours!
I got to see Koalas. I could have stayed there all day if I hadn’t been getting crowded. 🙁

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8 June, 2016 · 11:14 pm

Rolling Hills Zoo: Layout 01


There will be more layouts, I promise, but this is the first of them 😉

Kit: Zoo Crew by BoomersGirl Designs

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16 June, 2015 · 10:52 am

Family Trip: Some Pictures

This is just some of the pictures! I took too many! Like over 1k :O Whoops!

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7 June, 2015 · 10:19 pm

Project Life: Week 21

Kit: Project 2014 by Connie Prince
Templates: LissyKay Designs
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1 June, 2014 · 11:03 am