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Currently: April 01

Watching: Roseanne :: The old version, on Amazon Prime.
Reading: Start Me Up :: ARC read for me
Listening: heater running :: it’s COLD outside. We had snow!
Making: bullet journal pages :: I’m testing out the B6 Bullet Planner by Scribbles That Matter
Feeling: extremely full :: I think I might have eaten too many jelly beans
Planning: 21 Day Fix schedule :: I need to get back to working out!
Loving: my schedule :: I only have 2 nights in the next 3 weeks!
Eating: crab chowder :: it was so good! and spicy!
Playing: X-Files something :: it’s a game on Facebook
Learning: watercolors :: I really want to learn them!
Exploring: new planners :: Yeah, it’s only April but I’m thinking about 2019
Thinking: laundry should be folded :: I have 3 loads to fold.
Knowing: drive is gonna suck :: Tomorrow, it’s supposed to storm. Also, it’s supposed to freeze more
Choosing: to be good and focus :: my meds are doing some good things for me!


Quick Post Before X-Files


Or during, I guess 😉 First, I love X-Files, so this will be short and sweet.

Second, I got 3 new pairs of workout pants and I love them. A pair of grey and light green butterfly ones, a pair of ones with roses and things, and then triangles. I love them.

Now I’m going back to X-Files!


Currently Cards … Daily?

I think I am going to go back to doing the Currently Cards daily again. I’ll use a combination of the ones from Kristin Papercrafts and the ones released by Inspired Designs, designed to match Right Here, Right now, available at Gingerscraps.


Watching: X-Files
Listening: Ethan’s Legos
Reading: The Texan‘s Royal M.D.
Loving: Ethan’s birthday
Feeling: Sore jaw
Admiring: Cupcake job
Contemplating: A long walk

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Currently …

Currently: March 6, 2015

Currently, as of March 06, 2015

Watching: Big Hero 6 (the kids did)
Reading: Her Baby and Her Beau
Listening: X-Files
Making: Happy kids (they got to eat popcorn, :lol:)
Feeling: Content
Planning: Week 08 Layout
Loving: My FitBit Flex


Thursday 3

Thursday 3: March 05, 2015

Thursday 3

1. I am so freaking bloated I am actually in pain.
2. Life as a female can suck. Too much hair and you can get headaches.
3. X-Files is seriously the shit!