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Random Writings

I wrote this last night … on my phone, and e-mailed it to myself, Laughing out loud

She looked around. She had heard a sound but no one and nothing was there. She shook her head at herself. She was developing delusions, seeing figures in the shadows, and hearing voices in the winds. She wished that she lived a normal life, one without all the fear and the craziness. She wished she lived a life that didn’t involve all the self doubt that she currently battled.

I have no idea what it goes with but I’m thinking it’s probably the start of Trellyn’s story Surprised smile … No, I still haven’t finished Alestra or Temper’s stories Surprised smile


You see the smile on my face
But you turn away in disgust
What did I do to make you feel like that?
When did I ruin our chances?

You’re breaking my heart
With every step you take
Don’t walk away
Be a man and stand

You promised me love and happiness
All I get is tears and a tortured soul
I’m tired of the games and crap
I need more than the man you used to be

I’m done with the pain you inflict
Just continue to just walk away
Give up on what we were
Just like everything else

I’m over and done, so leave
Don’t try and pull anymore flips
You’ve had your chances and blew it
Goodbye, so long, get lost, leave me be

–Written on July 15, 2010
while cooking dinner, 😆

Random Thoughts

Daily I run
This life is fast
No time to slow down
No time to breathe
Things about death and taxes
Scramble around inside my head
Where’s the end?
The end of this ride?

Haiku’d Friday

There are no pictures
The hour is a little bit late.
I should be asleep

My mind is awake
And I’m watching Baio
VH1 is crack

I need to catch z’s
But why cannot I just sleep?
The mind – go to bed

Time to hit the hay
Time to get some major z’s
Good night y’all, good night!


Damn it getting kids ready for bed. I missed the last half of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). *grumble* I like ANTM. Anyone catch the last half? I didn’t even get to see who got passes and who didn’t for the first cut 🙁 That SUCKS!!

Speaking of kiddos, we did panties today with Madi. TWICE she pee’d in them. TWICE. Both times AFTER we had her on the potty. *grumble* Someone in a community suggested putting her in pants, and having her feel the sensation of being wet. Didn’t work. She just took the damn pants off, and ran around with wet panties. I’m starting to wonder if she even notices that they’re wet until they’re really wet. Seriously need Josh to have a normal day off so that we can take them both to their doctor(s).

Oh, and MOMMIES!! There’s a new community out there just for us: My Mommy Escape Come and join us!! And while you’re there, check me out, and friend me!!. I friend back 🙂

What is My Mommy Escape? It’s basically like MySpace, without the assholes trying to hit you up with naked pictures of themselves. It’s like Facebook, without all the annoying features you never use in the first place. It’s a safe-haven for mommies. It’s for women only, of all walks of life and preferences. It’s definitely worth a check out!!