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30 Days of Lists: Day 16

D14 List 16 - Today I

  1. Figured out I’m coming down with a bad cold, which will probably turn into a sinus infection, which will then lead to a chest infection. Because that’s how it always goes, 😆
  2. Bought some fun little things that will make the kids’ Christmas pretty awesome! I’m so excited to see their faces in the morning.
  3. There was a big wreck not far from here, so I’m worried that some of the kids’ friends might be involved in some way.
  4. Bought three types of jerky I haven’t had before: BBQ pork, applewood smoke bacon, and turkey. The bacon didn’t last long AT ALL.
  5. Am very unattractive. Fevers and my skin do not agree. It gets so oily and gross.

Oh Holy Fuck

Someone ran straight into the sign at my apartment complex in the middle of the night. INSANE, right? There was bricks and mortar and pieces of sign everywhere! CRAZY!

Oh, and we lost power TWICE during the night. Good thing I shut down the laptop and tower each night, right?

In other news, this is the first week of no school and I’m not letting Madi lose anything that she learned in school, so we picked up some workbooks for her to do through-out the summer. They’ll both get a break from it when we go to Indiana in 2 weeks 😉

Life Is Good

One plus we have with not having a house is not having to worry about mortgage life insurance. So far? That’s the only plus. Then again, Josh has amazing life insurance through the USPS. He dies, and I get 5x his average pay. That means I would get around $270K if he died. If nothing else, it would pay off a house, considering our max budget is $175K (if we’re lucky). Wish us luck on that.

I’m not going to think about losing Josh. No way, no way in hell! I’d literally fall apart if something happened to him. The wreck scared me so badly. Just reading that post from that day scares me shitless, literally!