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Less Words Wednesday

blow out the candle

Ethan’s 4th birthday was yesterday. I think he had a good one. Got some Scooby toys, some Thomas stuff [from us and Pappaw], a robot [from my parents], Mack from Cars, and several DVDs [Pinocchio, 2 Thomas, Madagascar 2 -double pack-, :)]. He got a Transformers gift bag and Transformers wrapping paper. Yet, he got no Transformers toys. Why? Because the current ones out suck! We have to wait until the new release of toys for the new movie in June before he can get those. đŸ™‚

Shopping List – Dec. 07, 2007

My shopping list for tomorrow, things I have to buy, XD.

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. One more gift for Emma and Gavin
  3. Stockings for Josh and I
  4. Haircuts for Ethan and Josh (since we’re going to be there anyway, XD)
  5. A gift for Jamie from the kiddos
  6. To-From labels (we used all of ours from last year, XD
  7. Chicken, pork chops, and hamburger
  8. Madi’s Barbie/Horse set, plus her extra horse
  9. Outfits for Madi and Ethan (Christmas gifts)
  10. Notebook for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  11. Pens and pencils for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  12. Chicken nuggets

More will be added as I think of it, XD