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New Toys!!

Thanks to Lucy, I have recovered an awesome plugin. I love, love, love icons, and well, now I can share that love, :P. I also have my ubernyms back. I need to work on customizing them some more. One person I read has pictures in them as well, and I must, must, must learn how to do that 😛

I’m bored today. Oh so very bored. I’m working on tags for my Sigs ‘n More members. I have to make 24 today (or by Sunday) to be caught up. dies Anyone want to loan me a few muses or something?

I also started a WP blog for my Sims 2 stuff: A Time To Sim. I prefer WP over LJ when it comes to that stuff. Plus, I don’t have to deal with the annoyingness of only allowing LJ users to comment 🙂 I hate the anonymous user thing at LJ. That just pisses me off. With WP, I have much more control on who and who can’t comment 🙂

Hmm, I think that’s about it. Nothing much really going on here.

Tag from Sigs ‘n More / Tubes from Odd Pixels, Sparkling Dreams, and Zarbella Graphic

Weekly Plans – July 28 – August 2

The Goal: Each week, you figure out what you need to do for the following week. No real point, but it’s a great way of keeping track of plans and things.

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Theme for Sale

Available now at Sigs ‘n More
Credits given over there, so I won’t do it doubly here.

Now to work on a matching, or semi-matching IM letter, signature, and today’s tag for my loverly members.

Any suggestions for more themes? I’m more than willing to hear them 🙂

To Do List – December 26, 2007

Time for that ever so fun to-do-list.

:: 23, 24, 25, 26 tags for members … hopefully, PSP X2 will stop crashing so damn much
:: 1 or 2 themes for SnM *using WP, of course*
:: 1 or 2 tubes sets for SnM
:: 3 or 4 tags for SnM (non-member-related)
:: look for the Christmas card from Josh’s grandmother, since it has a check in it
:: Dishes, which I so do not want to do
:: Pay a few bills, or at least set up the auto-pay on them

I seriously don’t want to do anything today. I didn’t sleep well; Josh woke me up bitching at me; today just freaking SUCKS, and I’ve only been up 3 hours 🙁

Well, crap on a stick!

I forgot to mention Saturday that I updated, and forgot to when I updated earlier, XD, wiht Sigs ‘n More:

Tubes are from Faery Pixels, Tube Junkie, ZB Pixel Treasure and Completement Pixels

Also, special e-mail I sent out:

Are you tired of having to remember each week to pick out tags from your membership? Do you feel like your money is wasted in that aspect? If so, check out Sigs ‘n More. Every day of the week, you get a tag. Each and every day. Along with that, you get nice discounts on everything else that’s sold.

Don’t really want a membership, but want some cute and adorable tags, anyway? Then again, check out Sigs ‘n More. Besides tags, there are IM letters and WP themes. Recently updated with 1 WP theme, 1 IM letter, and 3 new tags.

IM Letter: $1.50
Unanimated tag: $1.00
Animated tag: $2.00
3 months membership: $25
6 months: $45
1 year: $75 ($10 off normal price)
Lifetime: $125