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A Little Soak

Enjoying an #Aveeno #Oatmeal bath

No need to fret or worry.
Just sit back and relax.
It’ll be okay.
Let your worries float away.

Things to Do


Today is going to be a busy day. LOTS of laundry to do. Plus, I’d really like to at least clean the tubs.

I also need to clean the kitchen.

And still have to send the PP’s for my speed scrap I hosted on Thursday. And work on one for this Thursday.

Besides that, I’m also keeping myself updated on what’s happening in Wisconsin. I’m a union girl through and through. As Josh put it: We’re the UNITED States of America. How can our representatives be so anti-union? VERY good question!

In other news, took a lot of stuff to the Goodwill Smile We did good, I think Smile

Oh, and I’m seriously worried over what’s going on in Japan. I’ve read that their reactor rods are melting, which means a nuclear disaster is very much imminent Sad smile

March First

A new month has begun and already it’s stressful.

Oh well, we have to deal anyways

First Visit

Ethan had his first visit to the dentist.
First off, I LOVE this dentist. He’s great!!

There are no cracks or anything in his tooth. He’s sure it’ll toughen up (the gums) and there’s only a 1 in 10 chance that it’ll change color. He said if does happen, “swallow my worries” and don’t worry about it because it’s a baby tooth and it’s not worth pulling or doing a root canal on.

Glad that’s all taken care of 🙂

It’s unofficially official

Josh has the job!!
What does this mean?
A less stressed out Sarah.
More money for bills and things we need.
No more paycheck to paycheck.
MY ENGAGEMENT RING FINALLY!! (the one Josh wants to get me)
Vacation is still on, without worries.
:love: :balloons: :omg: :up: