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Goals for November

I have goals! Yes I do!

I’m starting with small goals. The smaller goals mean they’re easier to achieve!

Goal #1: Start Shift Shop

I start on November 04 (Monday). My goal is to completely finish it!

Goal #2: Write 50k Words

I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I need to write those words!

Goal #3: Share My Workouts

I went to a singular instagram account so that I could do this more efficiently.

Goal 4: Read at least 5 Books

I only put it that low simply because I should be focusing on writing and NOT my reading.

Goal 5: Get SLEEP!

Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping well. AT ALL!


Birthday Week in the Planner

This week is the week of my birthday! December 08, I turn 36. For some reason, I keep saying 37. I do not know why!

birthday week

Here’s this current week, mostly filled out! I got things done! That counts for something!

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Resolution #3

Resolution #3: Work out at least 3 days out of 5. Got a great way of doing this now:


I am working hard now on getting myself into shape, but I have a limited amount of space, due to living in a tiny apartment (1200 sq. feet doesn’t sound small, but when you have 4 people living in that space, it starts to shrink FAST). So, when Amazon offered a 3-pack DVD set for fit ball exercises, which I happen to own, ;), it works out great for me. Plus, with this being able to be done in less than an hour, I can still have time to do everything else that I have to do.
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