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Making a New Commitment

Looking back at posts, I see that I make a lot of commitments. I’m going to work out regularly. I’m going to blog consistently. Lately, and every time I make the statement “I’m going to …” I fail at it.

I need to find someone that will make sure I do what I need to do. Josh waffles on it and tells me that I need to take a break sometimes. That’s not what I need. I need the push to make sure I don’t just give up because I lost the motivation.

As you can see, I fail at even keeping track of things in my planner!

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December is Going to Be Insane!

I’m so going to hate myself, but I’m going to attempt to keep myself physically busy, as well as mental!

  • December Daily (using the Project: Life app)
  • Daily vlogging (Dec 01 – 25)
  • Daily blogging (oh my goodness, I used to be SO GOOD at that)
  • Daily photo challenges (FMS Photo a Day, CY365)
  • Daily planner challenges [yes, I’m obsessed with my planners :P] (RockYourHandwriting, PlanWithMeChallenge)
  • I also want to do the challenges for December (I’ve seen the CR since I write the newsletters and OH MY GOODNESS! It’s ADORABLE)
  • I’m not stressing on catching up with PL 2016, but I do want to get ready for 2017. Going back to one page per week, 
  • I’m also doing a fitness challenge I set for myself:

I should add that I am also WORKING over my normal 20 hours a week because one co-worker has hand, foot, mouth and another is using FMLA for mental issues.
Anyone making big plans for December?

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30 November, 2016 · 11:10 am

4 Simple Rules

4 Simple Rules4 Simple Rules:

  1. Never miss a Monday
  2. Never go 3 days w/out exercise
  3. Workout at least 3 days a week
  4. Never give up

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15 March, 2015 · 10:08 pm

Cold … Just a Little

It’s cold enough that the geese are walking on actual ice on the pond.


But I still did EFFING AMAZING on steps today!

Urban Boot for hitting 15k in steps
High Tops for hitting 20k in steps

I could go for 25k (I’m 3356 steps away) but my PM is kicking in, and I need to be able to semi-move tomorrow. I feel FREAKING AMAZING though!

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2 March, 2015 · 9:59 pm

Now I’m nervous!

Now I'm nervous!

I did my first workout today. Oh lord! I got lost. I got confused.
I completed it though!

Then I required a shower, :lol:. I had a stank about me. Okay, not really, just a lot of sweat!!

Then, I sent to the store, and bought a few Special K protein things. I prefer the Special K stuff because I love how it tastes. Plus, I can combine it with my Special K protein cereal 😛

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