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Being Helpful


The old laptop, the tiny (it seems now) 15.4″, formerly involving Vista, now using Windows 7, is going to be on loan to my sister-in-law. It hadn’t been turned on since February of 2013. I’m surprised it worked!

It needed some major updates, and I cleaned off some programs and other things, but it’s working! WOO!

So, it’s working, albeit slowly, painfully slow, but it’ll hopefully tide her over until she can replace her borked computer!

And now I’m going to go back to the premiere of Being Human on Syfy! LOVE that show!

So I’m a 7 User Now

So, I started resetting the laptop around 10pm last night. Oi! It was a lot of hard work.

Now, though, that I’m using 7 on the laptop, it was worth the headache.

Literal headache.

Oh, and almost 10 hours of screwing around with it, because 7 required SP1 for Vista. It took like 100+ updates to get to that. *zonk*

I’m so thoroughly and totally exhausted.

But, like I said, totally worth it. Laptop is running a lot, A LOT, smoother. I still only have 2 gigs, but you wouldn’t know with the way it’s running!! *squee*

And its cooler! The fan is kicking on a lot less! With Vista, it was running almost 24/7 the whole time the laptop was on! Crazy, right?

–Oh! And yes, 7 is on the tower, but now we’re fully Windows 7 peoples 😆

I hate IE

Just saying. Currently having to use it while waiting on Vista to update. So that I can install Windows 7.

The worst freaking part? It won’t even freaking install 64-bit, though supposedly I’m supposed to be able to. Laptop can definitely handle it. So, I reset to default settings for no freaking reason. *grumble*

In other news, Ethan got a cast today:

I even got him to pose so I could take these shots! *w00t* My han’m is just too cute!

Though, sadly, before bed, he realized that it wasn’t going to be coming off, and that made him sad and started to freak out. Josh broke him out of the freak-out by showing him that we could all sign his cast. He loved that idea!