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Week 14 {Project 52}


Kindle Paperwhite is on the way (well, it was in April, ). I love it so much. 😀 And the covers of the planner might look familiar. I’m obsessed with it, even if the planner itself didn’t work for me


And so many selfies! I love selfies! So many!


Currently …


God, I love the West Wing. I’m so thankful for good dental insurance.
Also, To Command and Collar IS a BDSM book. I’m not ashamed of it 😛

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100 Happy Days

There’s a challenge floating around, about finding something to be happy about for 100 Days. My goal is to go past that. Maybe 365 happy days (restarting that in 2015… maybe Happy will be my 2015 word). Anyways, today was Day 41 for me. I’ve not missed any days, though I did have to go back and fill in the blanks for days where I took pictures but didn’t share. Here are a few of my favorites:

She's such a goof #100happydays #day07
My goofy but amazing girl. In just a week and a half, this girly will be 11. Firmly into the double-digits of age, and just a few short years from being a teenager. If you can’t tell, she’s already got the attitude of a teen 😉

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