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I Feel Spoiled

I just uploaded 8 songs to my new and awesome little toy, and man, the thing still has mostly empty space. Holy crap on a cracker. Now I have to convert some of my iTunes stuff to MP3’s so that I can listen them on my phone ūüėČ

Madi had her 5-year-old well-baby check. She did awesome!! She did get shots, poor mite, but she barely cried, and said “Ow” during it. Then she went “My arm is killing me” with her insanely funny attitude that she gets. Josh and I couldn’t keep from laughing. My little Monkey is 40 inches tall and 31.4 pounds. See why I call her my “little Monkey”? Itsy-bitsy thing that she is. She’s 10% for her height, and below 3% for her weight.

Afterwards, we did her pre-enrollment for kindergarten. August 5th is the official enrollment date, and starts August 13th. We’re still trying to figure out if she’ll be full-day or half-day kindergarten. Only hints are the shopping list requesting “braided rug” and assorted amounts of snacks. Oh, and 2-reams of paper o.O Yeah, that one was a bit weird to me.