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Week in My Life: Week 24


June 9-15, 2014

Ugh! What a stress ball week! SO OVER IT already!
Ready for something new to begin!


June 09
Midnight Hollow world for The Sims 3 is amazing! Llandros09‘s Let’s Plays for it on YouTube are the best! I love all of his Let’s Plays!

The Lucky Harbor series by Jill Shalvis is TOO AWESOME for words! I love everything about it!
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Week in the Life: Friday & Saturday

Adventuroo WIML fri 13 Friday was stressful, just because I had another sinus headache. It’s that time of year. I’m used to them. Untitled Fridays, I wake up and send the newsletter. I was up earlier than I was before, but it still felt like I could sleep for days! Continue reading


Week in My Life: Thursday

Adventuroo WIML thurs 13

Thursday was a day spent mostly in bed. Thankfully, the kids didn’t have school. I woke up in pain. A major headache that only sleep seemed to help! So, there aren’t that many pictures.

297/365 [2013] - Headache Pain

I attempted to wake up. It hurt so much. Since the kids weren’t having to go to school, I decided to sleep.

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Week in My Life: Tuesday

Adventuroo WIML tues 13

I’m really late in posting this. Today felt like another Monday, with the hectic stressfulness (which I’ll explain in full tomorrow).

But, onto how Tuesday went.

Around 6am: Josh called Yinglings and left a voicemail. He was so frustrated, he ended it with “um, yeah”. Poor guy.

Around 7am: Madison awoke, and we had to rinse off her concoction that was the result of us attempting (and thus far succeeding) from the spread of … well, I’ll just say she reeked of tea tree oil, and then coconut-oil based shampoo.

Going to have company today. Keeping her home to be on the safe side #weekinthelife #weekinthelife2013 #weekinmylife #wiml

This was how thrilled she was with me. I’m so thankful that she got her hair cut the previous week, or this mess would be SO much harder!

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This week is going to be crazy. This morning, we found out the dryer had died. We’re hoping it’s just a lose cord OR the need to replace the cord (because otherwise the dryer has been working, and quite well). So, yeah. That’s going to be investigated this week. Tonight, Ethan has a den meeting. Madi has a BIONIC club meeting after-school. Tomorrow, Madi’s going to Harvester’s with her Girl Scout troop, and Ethan will be going with us to Parent-Teacher conferences. Oh, and the kids are off Thursday and Friday and Josh is off Wednesday. Ugh! I’m ready to quit the week already!

Speaking of busy weeks, it’s that week of Week in the Life hosted by Adventuroo!


Then I find that SiTS is doing another Blogtober! Today is “About Me”


For those that are interested, it’s all here: http://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/about/

It’s also time to show off my Project 365 layout for Week 41!

Template: Pretty in Green
Kit: Project 2013 by Connie Prince

and PICTURES from the week!

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