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Missed a Day


I missed yesterday. No real excuse, minus it was a “Rest” day. Meaning I took a nap. After we went to Kmart, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Best Buy and Walmart were the only places we spent money, so HEY, woo hoo for us!

I got a new pair of headphones that my ears have to adjust to:

I really do like them!

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9 September, 2017 · 10:03 pm

Beachbody Country Heat Unboxing (Non-Shakeology)

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1 August, 2016 · 11:11 pm

Selfie Friday

I did my make-up and I feel good about it 😀 So, I had to break out the decent webcam and take some selfies!

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20 March, 2015 · 3:13 pm

Playing With Lights

Yes, I played with my webcam, the basic one that came with my laptop.
Because I can 😉

The light is coming from my phone’s flashlight app thing. Assistive Light, as Samsung calls it 😀

Yeah, that’s all I’ve basically done today. I tested some games and things. I got a new battery yesterday for my laptop!! YAY!!

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10 July, 2014 · 10:39 pm

Face Reflection

017.365 [2014] - Face Reflection

Because of a friend of mine, I joined 365Project. They do challenges to help you get your daily photos for the project. One of them is the Tag Challenge. Basically, you go to the tag page, and randomly choose two tags. I got “Face” and “Reflection”. I ended up with some cool pictures, using my integrated laptop webcam.

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