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Sugarcoated by Erin Nicholas

Sugarcoated - RB Banner.jpg

“Sugarcoated is hot, funny, and so adorably swoon-worthy, it’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!” – Katana Collins, author

Sugarcoated, an all-new sweet and sexy standalone romantic comedy from New York Times bestselling author Erin Nicholas is available now!

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Trying to Eat Healthier

I’m trying to make healthier, smarter choices. Just small ones here and there (as I sit here, nomming on some Pumpkin Pie KitKats ). Each morning, especially before work, I make sure I have myself a shake. I switched to non-lactose containing milks (Fairlife ultra-processed or almondmilk), and I’ve noticed a HUGE change in how my body is digesting! Yay for that win against IBS!
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Today Has Been Mostly Good!

Today I turned 37!

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Things from Spotify

First, let me say that I missed yesterday’s vlog and I’m going to miss today’s. I’m sick and no one, including myself, wants to see that. One day, though, I’ll vlog with the ! We’ll see how that goes!

Now, Spotify has some great stats for how you spend your listening year. Not surprising, my #1 song for 2017 is the same as the #1 song for 2016: by Flo Rida

Wow. So, it looks like I listen to a LOT of artists, right? And a variety of songs 🙂

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Hi I’m here

At least I think I am. I seriously need a new place for the computer, or a freaking laptop, like yesterday. Please help me get motivated to make some money, so I can buy that laptop, XD.

To Do List:

  1. Themes, themes, more themes.
  2. Tubes (if I can stop sucking at the shading)
  3. More sigs for the shop
  4. Web layouts (if I can stop sucking at the HTML, XD)
  5. Web sets (if I can come up with decent ideas
  6. I think I can think of more, but brain is currently dead

I’m more tired this week than I was when I was doing Blogathon. WTF is up with that?