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Creative Juices

I feel like creating today, but sadly, the rest of me just isn’t into it :(. I’ve got TWO tags done in 2 days. I was hoping for at least 5, :lol:. Well, at least I got 2, right. My whole goal with the shop is 7 a week. I think that’s a very achievable goal. If only I could get off my duff and, you know, actually do them. Sometimes I wonder though, what’s the point. No one really seems to like any of the stuff I do. I don’t think my prices are too expensive. I know people who charge upwards of $5 a tag. I hope like hell its not because I don’t advertise every day like some people do. It drives me freaking insane seeing a “sale notice” from the same people every day. Some barely update once every 3 months, and some just switch sites constantly. Drives me BONKERS!! Oh well. It’s no skin off my nose. I just feel really bad that my own members don’t even order from me 🙁

And, in case you wanna see a few of the new things:

Aren’t they cute?
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Quivering Muscles

It’s been a half hour since I finished my half hour work-out, and my legs are still quivering. It’s really bad, considering I couldn’t do 2 sets of lunge-squats because my right knee was having a spazzing, :lol:. Now that I’ve cooled down, I’m freezing like a mo-fo, :lol:, and it freaking SUCKS!! I hate being cold. I love the snow and cold weather (it’s so much quieter everywhere, ;)), but I hate being cold. Kind of fits in with loving to go swimming but hating being wet, if that makes any type of sense.

The future weather of Topeka. Very fucking cold. Very, very, very fucking cold, :lol:. I’m not complaining though. SNOW!! Tonight through tomorrow morning is supposed to be more sleetish, but tomorrow afternoon it’s supposed to turn to SNOW!! *dances*


Holy Smokes!

*giggles and runs around happily*
There’s snow on the ground!! There’s snow on the ground. They’re calling for 1 to 3 inches by tonight. I’m so happy. The last snow of the year. It’ll be gone by the middle of tomorrow, but that’s okay. There’s SNOW!!!

Hee hee, car’s being “buried”, :lol:. Good news, though, is that the ground’s too warm for it to actually freeze (meaning the roads), so it’s actually pretty safe for driving. It’s just a little froggy *:P* and the snow’s blowing a bit.

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