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Ignore the Mess

First, I’ve commissioned Katy, of Kiss My Code to create a blog theme for me 🙂

Here’s the info I gave her

Site Information: The site, right now, is a blog about the plans and ideas that my fiance and I have come up with and are working on for our May 21, 2011 wedding. Once the wedding comes closer, we’ll be converting it to a more informational site, but still have it as a blog, and after the wedding, it will be a blog of our marriage.
Services Full Custom Design
Work Detail: I’m wanting a WP theme/layout that will fit with a wedding theme, and suit both my fiance and my personality. Something that won’t bore me in two weeks. Hopefully, it’ll incorporate a beachy-theme, as that’s what our theme is, though we’re hoping to actually get married on the beach.
Design Ideas: I only know that I want it centered around the wedding and the beach, as that’s where we spent much of our time when we were falling in love.
Functionality: Valid XHTML, Valid CSS, Blog

I was originally wanting it for TWooD, but I changed my mind. Since there’s a good chance Josh and I will be getting married before the year is out (medical coverage for me), I won’t really need it. I need to figure out what to do with the domain though. I’ve got most of the year still left on it, XD

Anyways, the rest of the mess is the fact that I changed how MyMooMus reads. I loved others way of making it as a weather-reader, so I’m doing it that way 🙂 I kind of wish I could add more sections to it, but I’m not that talented, :lol:. Never mind on that. It would do images right 🙁

I guess that’s it. I went to Walmart earlier. I think I spooked Mark a bit, because he jumped, :caution:.


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4 Years – A Sale

There is now 4 years and zero days until Josh and I have decided to tie the knot 🙂 I’m so excited. Josh said that if he gets the job at the post office, he’s going to go put my ring, the one he wants to get me, the one I’m dying to have, on layaway. See, I don’t mind knowing that it’s coming. I don’t mind knowing what it is. He’s still going to surprise me with it, and that’s good enough for me 🙂

Nothing much on any other fronts 🙂 I’m enjoying my beautiful weather here in Kansas, and making lists of things we need to get for the trip to Evansville. One big thing is stuff for our day at Holiday World. I so cannot wait. We’re going the 16th. Megan wants to take Madi (and the rest of us) to Burdette Park, too. She wants to do that the 20th. Oh goodness! Can you imagine driving the next day if we don’t slather ourselves with sunscreen? :omg:

Okay, for this week, and this week only (okay, I might extend it), I’m offering 1-yr. memberships to Sigs ‘n More for $20 USD, and LIFETIME for $35. That’s one tag every day, plus 10 a month for yourself or friends. You also get discounts on other things, too. It’s for our trip 🙂

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Happy Mommy’s Day

Gah! I feel like absolute shit, and it’s my day. Figures, right? *sniffles* I’m stopped up, my throat is KILLING me, my head hurts, and muscles are kicking in with the same feeling. Freaking weather! Freaking ALLERGIES!! Gah!!

Anyways, happy mother’s day!! i’m gonna steal something from Kiki, and do Top 10 Things I love about being a mom. 🙂
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Birth Control Switch
I feel like absolute crap, but I’m working on things, like I’m supposed to. I had tags done for yesterday, but I didn’t send them out. I’m just freaking exhausted. PMS hit me hard this week, as did the actual, you know, of it, and gah! It’s because I was forced to switch from Alesse to OTC-lo. Not the same formula, not the same dosages, nothing is the same, except for 21 days of pills. It’s driving me insane!! I think I’m driving Josh insane, too.

Current workings
I’m working on a new tag that’ll be limited to how many I make (I’m thinking 10 or 15), and they’ll be $2.50 a pop (cheap in a lot of cases).

There will be different chest/crest colors to choose from, along with body colors. 🙂
Tubes are from Zarbella Graphics.

Shoot me now
I just want to go to bed and sleep the fucking world away. The weather is just killing me. Four freaking straight days of rain. Tonight a chance of 3-5 inches of SNOW! Less than an inch of accumulation tomorrow and highs in the mid-50’s, and 60’s the rest of the week. WTF is going on?! Just please, put me out of my misery NOW!!

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Yes, it’s snow!

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