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Just a few days ago, I was wearing tank tops to the gym.

Today? We had snow. It barely stuck to the grass, let alone the roads and sidewalks, but FUCK! I hate winter/spring transition!

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11 March, 2017 · 10:51 pm

Currently – For the Week of Jan 8th

  • Listening to: Crazy Wind
    Good god, the wind was insane! Fronts coming and going!
  • Watching: White Rabbit Project
    I missed those three from Mythbusters. It was a joy to watch them able to be more themselves.
  • Reading: Big Shot
    It’s an ARC (advanced read copy) and I’m already loving it!
  • Feeling: Sinus headache
    I’m getting used to them but they’re finally not as bad as they used to be.
  • Loving: My Intuos tablet
    The writing is my actual handwriting. I need to work on it, though

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11 January, 2017 · 10:58 pm

Just Exhausted

When it’s so cold that spending a few minutes out there just makes you pass out on the couch.

That was today!


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18 December, 2016 · 10:37 pm

DAMN! It’s SUPER Cold!


Yeah, that’s me, stuck in an ice cube.

It was so cold that my truck didn’t want to start (it did thankfully).

My passenger door didn’t want to open. It opens now.

I had to switch to my ski gloves that I bought at Dicks (or Academy. I think it was Academy). I didn’t wear enough socks in my snow boots.

I nearly slid off the road three times just driving. Yeah, that was fun. But that was when it was mostly ice. The way home was more snow than ice, so with 4WD, it was A LOT easier to make it!

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17 December, 2016 · 11:33 pm

Authentic Weather is Funny!


Funny and accurate!

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13 December, 2016 · 11:00 pm