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A Nice Day Off


Josh is on vacation this week. Lucky bastard and all that 😀 Today, I was finally off. I like my job, but damn, I was ready for a day to sleep in.

Not that THAT happened! We had to drop the truck off at the dealer because my battery gauge kept jumping around. It’s something we should watch but the part to fix alone is almost $600, and since it isn’t HURTING the truck while it’s in use, we don’t have to fix it. Same with the MAF sensor and the ABS brain 😆 Truck will be getting upgraded in a couple years, and according to Kelly Blue Book, is only worth a little over $4k, with a trade-in value barely over $2k 😆

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30 Lists: Days 02-04

30 Lists - Day 02
Day 02:
1. Using my other cameras besides my phone
2. Be more consistent with videos
3. Become more organized.
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Weekly Winners: July 07 – 13, 2013

weekly winners
All shots for the Weekly Winners meme are taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Canon PowerShot A3400 IS, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

I’m off today to Lawrence to spend the day with the family, and maybe find some wonderful talented people of We The Kings and CTFxC! We’ll see how that goes!! Wish me luck!!

Bought this shirt today. Won't be here by Sunday for a Lawrence roadtrip but I am proud to support my #ctfxc love! @charlestrippy @allitrippy
I bought a shirt. Sadly, it won’t be here until later, but I bought it! <3

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