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Mmmm, Water


What am I trying new?


Water. Lots and lots of water. I drank 2100mL of water today. That’s about 67oz. Recommended amount is 64oz. So, yay me.

But, ouch me, too. I had to end up taking a migraine med, still ended up with major pain. Ugh. I did have a Pepsi One, and I’m currently drinking a Code Red, but pain is gone, I’m exhausted (in that good way) and I have been able to focus a lot better than I have in awhile.

I think I might have to keep this up.

Keeping It Real: Drink-a-Holic

No, I’m not an alcoholic, Laughing out loud. This is just about my small obsession with tasty, or the ability to make tasty, liquids to drink Smile with tongue out


To me, it takes more than a pretty cup (and yes, this is actually my daughter’s and yes, I need to redo my nails Smile with tongue out)

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So Nasty

So, the water in Topeka both smells bad and tastes bad, but its “safe” to drink. It tastes so bad here that even a water filter isn’t helping. THIS is why I prefer bottled water. I seriously don’t really trust the “safe” rating on the water. Honestly, the water smells like the reclaimed water that we had to smell in Florida. Its just seriously nasty. Just GROSS!

Every Little Thing Helps

Yesterday, my husband and I bought a Brita filtration pitcher. We have one for the faucet, but not enough room in our sink to have it attached. We both love fresh tasting water, but hate the expense of buying water bottles and the waste to the environment.
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