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Hey Honey, How Was Your Day?


I got up “bright and early”, meaning before the bus came but after Ethan had gotten onto the bus. That even meant dressed. Not showered or anything. I do that right before work because otherwise sometimes my hair gets gross.

So, I did the laundry. My goal was two loads. I accomplished the two loads. Well, they’re washed and dried. That’s important 😉

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Week in My Life: Wednesday

Adventuroo WIML wed 13

Well, Wednesday ended up a little better. Morning was stressed to the MAX. Today, the blog post is late because I woke up with a wicked headache. Air pressure change caused it. 🙁

Josh was off today, for his scheduled day off. I’m missing his working 6-days a week. I love having him home, but the OT was seriously nice. Now that it’s completely gone, I’ve been looking into working and NO ONE is willing to hire someone who hasn’t worked in 11 years because she had kids, and the smart financial decision was for her to stay home. They also want someone who’ll be a


It wasn’t until around almost noon when I realized I hadn’t eaten a thing. So, I peeled and sliced myself up a cucumber. Yum!

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Week in My Life: Monday

Adventuroo WIML mon 13

Monday was a stressful, pathetic, ball of a mess.

The Worst of the Day: (a) Dryer shorted out; (b) Truck sprung a new leak; (c) Madison got lice UGH!
The Best of the Day: I didn’t kill anyone. I had the dishes done before maintenance showed up to check and make sure the circuit breaker wasn’t what was causing the problem with the dryer.

Things I Noticed: Food doesn’t interest me when I’m stressed out.
Last Year’s Post: http://tm2ts.sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/2012/10/23/a-week-in-my-life-2012-monday/

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up completely!

and now … on to the pictures!

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Week in the Life [Monday]

Date label created by Connie Prince, from her Project 2012 series

Welcome to Tuesday’s recap of Monday! My husband asked me last night if I did stuff, just so that I’d have pictures to take. I had to answer him honestly: Yes, yes I did! I don’t care how that sounds. It’s the truth!

First, I want to say that I have 145 pictures for Monday. No, I’m not going to share them all. A lot of them are duplicates and triplicates because I was trying to get the best shot. I don’t have my page done yet (I haven’t even started but I’ll have either later today, in a separate blog post, or I’ll have it on Tuesday’s blog post).

The Best Thing About Monday: I got almost all of the laundry done.
The Worst Thing About Monday: In the process of doing laundry, I dropped my favorite camera (my Point-and-shoot) into the washer. It’s heartbreaking. The camera is working, for the most part, but the lens is gone. 🙁

First picture of the day. My handsome husband on his way to work. No matter how much pretreater we use, he still has those spots there on all of his shirts. So, we’ve given up. It’s because of how his satchel rides when he’s carrying the mail. Also, have you SEEN how dirty mail can be. Eww!!

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T13 – 25th Edition – 13 Things I’ve Created Recently

Okay, okay. Proof needs to be shown that I’ve been working on things, right? Okay, FINE!! Here’s the proof!! Now, languish in the awesomeness that is Sarah. Bow down. Come on, bow down. Okay, fine, don’t bow down, but, um, be nice enough to give me some constructive criticisms or something then 🙂

I did not put the pictures that I’ve used, though 🙂 They don’t really count 🙂
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