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30 Days of List : Day 27

D14 List 27 - Things that happened yesterday

  1. Grocery shopped
  2. 9500 steps :O
  3. Got 39 on WiiFit Plus
  4. Madi got a Winter Wolf on Neverwinter
  5. Made waffle omelets

Just a Few More Hours …

Finally in stock #headhurts via sarahcb1208

Finally in stock #headhurts via sarahcb1208

Okay, I don’t even know even where to begin. In a few hours, I will no longer be just thirty years old. I will be thirty-one years old. I’m currently watching shows on TLC about weddings, and becoming a total sap. I’m actually on the laptop writing this currently because the damn weather is causing another freaking headache. I’m so sick of these headaches. It’s awful. Just freaking awful, and the only real relief is laying down, but I can’t spend the rest of my life laying down. I can’t survive doing that.

Blech. I’m over getting older. These headaches are getting to become an almost daily thing, lately. The big problem of course are my wisdom teeth, but I can’t afford $2k or so dropping to pay for that. Nor can we really afford for me to be down for that period of time. It wouldn’t be some easy extraction. Ten years ago, I had three deeply impacted teeth. The fourth, I can tell you exactly which one it is. It’s the left side, bottom side. The others are way up, and the dentist actually told me that the roots were wrapping around/with the nerves in my ear. Yeah, that’s how impacted they are. It’s why I’m so sensitive to sounds. It’s also why when my sinuses have issues (like weather changes), I’m down and out. The only thing I can do is tolerate it, and live with it.

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