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#NaNoWriMo Updates in Vlog Form

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Vlogmas 2015: Christmas Lights

We drove around Potwin (local area around here) and saw the Christmas lights. Every year, they do a different theme, and this year was Classic Movies! It’s so cute! I love seeing the lights every year. It’s a tradition my family started and one we keep each year now with the kids!


Gonna Be SO Tired

I worked today. I was scheduled off but I got called in. That’s okay with me 😀 I learned a new position! 😀

(Currently uploading as of 07/05/2015 @ 9:58pm Central)

I got the video done for yesterday though!

I also took a LOT of pictures, and they’re viewable here.


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She’s Been Sort of Found

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I’ve sort of found my female main character.

I’m doing a similar style like I did last year with 2 different worlds simultaneously, but I’m going more of the Dungeons and Dragons route.

My female character will work in an office in “our world”, and will live in denim jackets and boots when she’s not at work. She loves layers and fishtail braids for her strawberry blonde hair.

In the DnD world (Faerun-ish), she’s an elven princess who also discards the fancy garb to go off adventuring.

Courtesy of a workshop with All Year Sprints, hosted on Chatzy, I was able to REALLY get an idea of her likes and dislikes using Pinterest (as shown above).

Now I have to figure out the locations. The male character. Minor characters. Otherwise, I’m SO ready to get this going, and I’m SO GLAD I took this workshop!