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I don’t even know


SIMCITY (Photo credit: RaneHwa)

Ugh, I spent all day trying to get into Sim City, and that was just a bunch of failure. All of it just … ugh.

I love the game play, but the server requirement is really making it suck. Servers don’t work, you can’t play.

It’s one of the aspects of the game that I just do not enjoy. I love the ability to have neighbors, real people neighbors, but you know what? I also like the idea of a solo game, where it’s just me and my thoughts. My ideas. My games. My cities.

I am apparently not the only one either, whihc makes me feel a little better about it all.

Sims 3: Current Household


Sims 3: University Life comes out tomorrow!!

Sim City too!

Yeah, you won’t see me for awhile 😉


Sims 3 Video

I need to work on how the video is saved. It keeps SCRUNCHING it all up :'(

Gift Idea of the Day – December 01

I think I’ll try and do this every day, since it’s the Christmas time. If you have any suggestions for good gifts, just holler 🙂

Gift Idea of the Day – December 01:
My parents want this for Christmas. I asked my mom, “What do you want for Christmas” and she, without having to think about it, said “I want Mario Kart for the Wii” Easy, peasy, right?

It’s a great game. I currently own it for the Wii and for the Nintendo DS. I love both versions 🙂

It’s a really good game for kids, as well. My kids play it whenever we let them. My daughter, who’s five, has the time of her life, and is actually getting pretty good. My son, who’s almost 4, loves just driving around in circles, :lol:.

With the Wii, you can also, if you have your Wii online, play against others online. You can play “regionally” or world-wide. Or, if you prefer, you can set up a room so that you can play with just a few select friends. 🙂 We’ve done all those.

What video game do you want this holiday season?