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So … He’s 9


I can’t believe that Ethan’s TEN now! Tune in soon to see the actual pictures (like ones not used)! Tomorrow, Ethan and I are hanging out together! 😀


Random Vlog

Video made when my internet went down!

Even called Cox and scheduled a fix. Got a call later on that it had been an outage that was fixed XD

May 2013 Ipsy Bag

My May 2013 Ipsy bag!

Vlogs and Videos

Video from the 27th. Working on the 28th.

I really don’t feel good today, so I’m slow on editing and uploading the Feb. 28th video. I will say that I am still going to be doing the vlogs. I like them. They’re fun. They’re a great memory and catalog of what is happening in the life of my family.


I love this series. I’m the one who created the little images too 😀

Catch Up on the Vlogs

because I can’t think of anything else to write about!

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