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Happy Sunday! 

That’s me in my natural state


April is Here!

I’m hoping to do VEDA (I’m not making it an official commitment) but I am for sure doing BEDA … aka blogging every day in April!

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Beachbody Country Heat Unboxing (Non-Shakeology)

The End of VEDA … and I Wore My Face!

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Almost Done

#selfie after work

This is the face of someone who is very excited to be home after day 07 of 08. I’m proud of myself for completing the days, and while I’ve had a few times where I didn’t want to go, I have definitely gotten into the swing of going into work. I think next weekend is going to throw me off majorly because I’ll be off, 😆 We shall see!

Today, I made a decision! I’m going to do VEDA (Vlog Every Day in August) and this time, I’m going to complete it!