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How I’m Doing Week in the Life

As I mentioned previously, I’m going to be doing “Week in the Life”. I’m excited for it. So, I figured, since I’m not going to be posting the pictures I take today in the actual blog until tomorrow, I’d share how I’m going to do the “Week in the Life” challenge.

I mentioned I was going to blog them, but I’m also going to scrap them! I’m planning on doing a tw0-page theme for all seven of the days, regardless of how many pictures I take. Some days probably won’t have all of the pictures used, but I’m hoping to use a good chunk of them.

I’m going to share some of my favorite products that might get used for them. I’m going to go along the lines of more standard designs, because it’s easier to find the room for the journaling!

week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas week in the life template ideasweek in the life template ideas week in the life template ideas

This is just a small selection of what I’d be using. You can find all of them at Gingerscraps. The particular designers I’ve shown in these previews are Seatrout Scraps, Unforgettable Moments, M&M Designs, Connie Prince, and Pretty in Green. I tried to link to the individual products, but every time I’d try, WordPress would wig out on me (or Firefox), so I gave up. But the designers have an amazing collection of templates that is definitely worth checking out!

I’m not going to link up to all of the possible kits for the Week in the Life project, because there’s way too many. I also honestly don’t even know what’s going to happen during the week! Gingerscraps has an amazing amount of kits to choose from, especially in the Project 365/52 section! If you want more, you can check out the layouts I’ve done. They’re in the Scrapbooking section.

Are you doing Week in the Life? I’d love to know, so I can follow you around, too! I really love things like this!

Project 366: Once Again Caught Up

Template: Creations by Julie
Papers: Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Good Night by the GS designers
Courageous by Pretty in Green

Sunday: There was a Pack Swim Day at the pool. Everyone was exhausted, including Josh. Poor guy! Six days of 9-11 hours of work, and then again, all day at the pool!
Monday: I did my nails in a beach-y theme. Sky blue and gold glitter. Looked like water meets ocean.
Tuesday: I’m not in the shape I’d like to be, but I’m learning to accept the shape that I have.
Wednesday: The truck thought that it was the perfect time for a heart attack. Went off when I restarted, thankfully!
Thursday: Last day of swim lessons for Ethan. He passed Level 2 this time, but refused the diving board!
Friday: A nice long oatmeal bath soak does wonders for my itchy skin!
Saturday: Long days, early mornings, late nights. They catch up with you after awhile!
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Scappity Do Dah

So, yesterday, I got a new phone. An HTC Inspire. Yes, the same one my husband has, 😆 It’s crack! I love it! I’m killing the battery left and right, simply because I can’t seem to put it down, 😆

But I’m getting lots of pictures out of it. The last two pictures of my P365 layout includes pictures (in this post 😀 ). Keep an eye out for more tomorrow, in the Weekly Winners post!


Template: Keep It Even by Connie Prince
Kit: I Scrap March by Jen Yurko Designs

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It’s February 01 :O

January has come and gone. The year is one-twelfth over. Surprised smile

Is it just me or is the year already just FLYING by?

Well, as usual, a new month means a new Buffet. But this month, Ginger made a few changes. It’s the anniversary of the first ever Buffet being done by the Gingerscraps Designers, so they all did different packs for each of the Buffet, a whole huge SMORGASBOARD of things Open-mouthed smile

ALSO! EVERYTHING in the Buffets are for ONE-DOLLAR! That’s right!! $1!! Can you BEAT that? Probably only if it was free Open-mouthed smile

If you buy ten packs, though, you DO get free! The Free-With-Purchase kit! It’s awesomely AMAZING!

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P365–Week 04–Busy, Busy, Busy


Template: Creations by Julie 
Kit Pieces:
Colors of My Life by the GS Designers
Scouting is Fun by Connie Prince
Scrap Happy by Jen Yurko & Marie H Designs
Capturing Memories by Marie H Designs
Photogenic by Sugar Kissed Designs
Chocolate Kisses by the GS designers
School is Cool by Kathy Winters
Rise & Shine by Unforgettable Moments & Key Of D Designs

Sunday: Pinewood Derby time. Ethan came in third for his den! So proud of my little guy!
Monday: I made a hybrid! It’s a cookie box, perfect for any Geek!! The kiddos also both had a sick day.
Tuesday: I don’t even. Josh was home. Madison ended up having to stay home, for the fever.
Wednesday: The day started beautifully but ended on a not so happy note. Madison had a majorly bad day at school.
Thursday: I got the cutest, most adorable snail in the mail. I call him Snailmail. I love him!
Friday: Field Trip day. It was SO nuts, but it was nice, too. Got to meet neighbors and talk to other parents. I really did enjoy the day.
Saturday: Morning was an early start, because the Monkey had Girl Scouts, but we had to meet at the fire station at 2:30. Madi actually rode with Michelle back to the church, because I couldn’t stay, because I had to be there for the Daisies!