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Last night, I went to bed with a migraine. I woke up with a minor headache several times last night, meaning the migraine never really left. Guess what’s back? I mean, it’s not as bad as Plantar Fasciitis, but it still hurts.
I’m currently drinking some more of the Amp that Josh got me, but I can’t have too many of those, because of the caffeine. I hate feeling like crap.

Lately, nothing has been helping the migraines, either. Not Tylenol, not Excedrin (any form). Not coffee and/or sodas with caffeine. Not chocolate, not sitting in the dark. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not something worse. Stupid body, falling apart all around me 🙁

Kicking my ass

I feel like absolute crap today. The hay fever has kicked in overtime today. I took Tylenol PM and Zyrtec last night, and shit, I slept hard, but not long. 🙁 I woke up at 5 freaking AM. FIVE AM!! That’s, like, in the morning. Hell, that’s TWO hours before my alarm. That’s AN HOUR before Josh’s 🙁 *grumble*

I’m not doing much better at all today. I just feel completely and totally out of it. Thank god for the laptop, or I’d be going out of my mind, or else I’d be completely out, and that’s not good either.

Today, Josh had half his route pulled out off him. That means he shouldn’t be getting full-hours, but there is a very good chance he might because of “marriage-mail”. He plans on going through and delivering the regular mail, and going back and doing the “marriage-mail”. Marriage-mail is the circulars, like pizza ads and things 😉 I’m hoping he finishes early because I feel so bad, and I’m scared to zone out while I’m driving. It’s hell trying to drive when you’re sick, but add road-construction on the easiest and fastest route, and you’re begging for an accident 🙁


Today was a lazy day. I had major shoulder pain yesterday, so I took some Tylenol PM.
Started to fall asleep on the couch, so Josh shuffled me off to bed.
Then he proceeded to wake me several times in the night. *gah*

At least he fell off the bed, and not me. *snort* All I did was let go of the covers, because I was getting too warm. Immediately after, a thunk jerks me up, and no sound from him. *giggles* I think he had wounded his pride, but even now, thinking of it, I’m trying really hard not to laugh out loud, since little ones are supposed to be sleeping. Notice I said “supposed to”, :lol:.

First Cold of the Season – other stuff for WP

Sick Babies
My poor little mites. They both got their first colds of the season, and is it ever a doozy. Ethan’s already running a fever (100.1, down from 100.7 -by ear thermometer – recommended by Madi’s pediatrician). He’s all congested, and not drinking much. Madi’s just a bit congested, but, ironically, now wanting to potty-train o.O Weird, right?

Besides just leaving Ethan be (which is what he wants), and trying to give him some medicine to help the symptoms (right now it’s just some Tylenol), any suggestions on how to make him feel better. Lunch is already going to be chicken noodle soup (man, some foresight there, grabbing quite a few cans while I was at the store). Madi gags when I give her meds, so I’m just going to let her be. Her doctor has Saturday hours, so if she gets bad, I can still take her in. Ethan’s doc is still in the air because of doctor switches prior to moving to Hubs’s insurance.

On the home front of potty training, though: me having to concentrate on Ethan is making Madi potty by herself. I’m not hounding her about it, so she’s went pee once, at least (she doesn’t always say, she just runs to the potty, XD) and poop once 🙂 She’s doing awesome and I’m so proud of her!!
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You Wish You Were Me

Josh just completely and totally spoils me. I love it!!

How did he spoil me this time? Well, he told me about Never Ending Story being in a 2-pack for $10 after flipping through channels and finding it on. I asked him for it, so he got it. But, to the spoiling, he also got Labyrinth, Starburst Jelly Beans, Vanilla Creme Kisses, and Butterfinger eggs. giggles

All of that definitely makes up for the stress-filled day of constipated little Ethan. 🙁 Poor little mite has been trying to poop for a few days. Today, he finally did, and in true Daddy’s boy fashion, he spiked a fever, and slept the day away. He was cranky, and Madi just kept making it worse by running through, hollering. She’s getting cabin fever, I believe, and wants to get OUT of the apartment. Currently, she’s over at Mark and Julie’s with Josh, watching RAW/Smackdown/whatever, :lol:. I just hope like hell she doesn’t attempt them with Josh. Ethan would have gone, but he’s still feverish, even after Tylenol 🙁

In other news, I think I might have found a photographer for the wedding, if she’s still doing them 🙂 First off, I love the website design, and the pictures shown just blow me away. Might even have her do the engagement pictures too!! :w00t: :cross: :clap: :highfive: Yeah, just a little excited, :lol:.