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Project 2016 & Another

Template: Story Grids Curve by LissyKay Designs
#2016 by Connie Prince
Weather Around the World

Carrington Regular
Cecilia Script Regular


The week of “Netflix and Chill”. I got hooked on “Bitten”, originally on SyFy and it was really good. I got a new app on my phone for “inappropriate” weather commentary. They’re too funny and they make the weather temps a little easier to tolerate. It’s too cold to go out, but at least we now have a working light in the kitchen, and it uses a “sunlight” bulb. I like the light that it gives off. It feels softer. I actually want to be in the kitchen now!

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December Daily: Day 01

LKD-GiftForYou5Listers Gotta List: Day 01: Favorite December Memories

  • baking
  • snow days
  • seeing the Nutcracker
  • birthdays
  • decorating the tree
  • Midnight service

Kit: December 2015 Buffet by the GS designers
Template: LissyKay Designs

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Scrapbooking Life

I love scrapbooking. I don’t have a lot of space, so most of mine is done digitally, but I’m loving everything I do 😀


My desktop for November. I love the shot that I got (with my ELPH 130 IS, by the way). 😀

Kit: Project 2015 November by Connie Prince
Template: Pretty in Green

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December Daily

So, there’s no 30 Days of Lists today. Not because I didn’t do one. Nope!
It’s because the template I used doesn’t release until Friday, so I’ll keep the suspense alive! 😀

Here’s a hint:
D14 List 3 - Photos to take this month

So, you can imagine the list 😀

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School-Based Templates

LissyKay Designs has a couple new sets of templates out, perfect for those who want to scrap those school memories! They’re wonderful and perfect! Plenty of room for a lot of pictures or plenty of journaling!

Kit: Apples for Teacher by Trixie Scraps
Template: My {1st Day} Story by LissyKay Designs
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