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Family Trip: Some Pictures

This is just some of the pictures! I took too many! Like over 1k :O Whoops!

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7 June, 2015 · 10:19 pm



Boy Scouts day trip.
Kansas to Nebraska. Omaha to be exact.
With free Wi-Fi.
And I have a chair kicker. Joy.

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Come and Sit a Spell

Kids and Josh went into the rainforest. I popped a squat on a bench with this view

There’s a bench (not an industrial bench) at the Topeka Zoo that I will sit at when Josh takes the kids into the rainforest. I can’t go in there unless I have to because the smell and humidity make me sick to my stomach and causes a major head.

A Congo African Grey Parrot at Topeka Zoo, Kan...

A Congo African Grey Parrot at Topeka Zoo, Kansas, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I sit outside, and wait. I have some quiet time to reflect on what is the meaning of life (42). I listen to the sounds of the birds inside the rainforest building. I hear the honking of the geese. I hear laughter of kids on a nearby playground.

It’s a peaceful feeling, though I am wishing that I was inside, enjoying the wonder of my kids’ enjoyment of the birds and animals. The ability to spend the rest of the day with my family, though missing those few moments, is worth more than seeing those few moments and feeling them ruined moments later when I feel the need to just crawl under the covers, with my trusty bucket friend. Just in case I don’t make it to the bathroom in time.

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Weekly Winners: January 08-14, 2012


All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Surround Windows Phone More can be found on my Flickr account

Another week? Really? Already? 2012 is already flying by Surprised smile


The Sun Sets, Leaving Nothing but Remnants of Color Behind Continue reading


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Adios, Kansas … Hello Indiana

In a few months, we’ll be traveling from Kansas to Indiana, again. We do it every year. We’re learning, each year, to prepare for every travel emergency imaginable, even if we don’t think it’ll happen. This year, we’re bringing a battery charger with a car adapter. Those Leapster batteries will never have a chance to die. Since it takes a whopping 15 minutes for them to re-charge, we don’t have to worry about waiting long if both sets die at the same time!! *w00t* Good for the environment too!!

We’re also planning on purchasing a 6-pack of 20-oz Sierra Mists (or 7-ups) to help the kids if they start to feel woozy from car sickness. I think they’re, for the most part, outgrowing it. We did it last year, with nary a problem, and I’m not risking it being because of the soda by not having it on hand. Me? I’m hoping to convince Josh that $150 for a car adapter for the truck for the laptop is a smart investment. We’ll see on that. We have internet on my phone, so as long as we’re not in a dead zone, we should be able to find whatever we need. If AT&T’s mobile net internet won’t load a page, I just pop it into Opera Mini and be good to go. Wish I could have Firefox, but they won’t make one that runs on JAVA, which dumbphones use (and smartphones, btw!).

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