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In Country Heaven

You might not realize this about me, but I’m a country girl. Yes, I’ve owned a cowgirl hat and boots. I live in blue jeans, that must be at least boot cut. I’m a country girl through and through (just don’t expect me to ride a horse). With that comes a responsibility to drive everyone insane with my love of country music. Okay, maybe not. It’s more of a compulsion to relive happy memories through songs and videos.

When I was growing up, there was a series of videos by Travis Tritt. They were about a woman named Annie. Well, I found the whole trilogy!! Thanks to beeg487 on Plurk, I got them all 🙂 Anymore, If I Lost You, and Tell Me I Was Dreaming.

Now, to inundate you with the videos, so you know what I’m talking about. They might not be in order, but I don’t really care, :lol:. I love them all. Warning: If you’re prone to tearing up at songs or videos, you might at these.
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