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Merry Christmas Eve


The Tree Is Up


We finally put the tree up. Sad thing is that we already have a timeline of when we’re going to take it back down. Oh well, I love that it’s finally up!

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Vlogmas 2015: Christmas Lights

We drove around Potwin (local area around here) and saw the Christmas lights. Every year, they do a different theme, and this year was Classic Movies! It’s so cute! I love seeing the lights every year. It’s a tradition my family started and one we keep each year now with the kids!

30 Days of Lists: Day 12

D14 List 12 - Traditions I love

  1. Driving around looking at Christmas lights
  2. Opening Christmas PJs on Christmas Eve
  3. Taking pictures in front of the tree on Christmas Eve
  4. Finding the elf each morning
  5. Putting up the tree *after* my birthday

Happy Easter


The kids with the neighbor’s kids. The Blue Shirt Boy is in Madi’s grade [in her class last year]. The two not looking are the same age 😀 Yes, one of the not looking is Ethan 😆 Then they had an Easter Hunt with our downstairs neighbor.

Now, I’m going to go back to writing the newsletter for Gingerscraps.