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Week in My Life: Wednesday

Adventuroo WIML wed 13

Well, Wednesday ended up a little better. Morning was stressed to the MAX. Today, the blog post is late because I woke up with a wicked headache. Air pressure change caused it. 🙁

Josh was off today, for his scheduled day off. I’m missing his working 6-days a week. I love having him home, but the OT was seriously nice. Now that it’s completely gone, I’ve been looking into working and NO ONE is willing to hire someone who hasn’t worked in 11 years because she had kids, and the smart financial decision was for her to stay home. They also want someone who’ll be a


It wasn’t until around almost noon when I realized I hadn’t eaten a thing. So, I peeled and sliced myself up a cucumber. Yum!

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Slowly Going Broke

#nanowrimo in the #tscpl newsletter. Helps tha...I know. Everyone is dealing with lack of money, but it feels harder sometimes. We’re not to the point of looking into low income bankruptcy, but, crap, this is insane! Power bills keep rising (and they’re going to rise even more). Kids are going to need winter-related gear. All of that stuff.

I just want a month where we’re not floating from paycheck to paycheck.

I’ve applied to my local library. 20 hours or so a week, and it just seems perfect! Wish me luck!

Happy Saturday

I’m off to Girl Scouts, but before I go, I wanted to share some stuff that happened yesterday. Some good things. Nothing bad! We had enough of the bad.

Dec 14, 2012 | How do I wear this hat? Suggestions, please! by sarahcburkett on Keek.com

Yeah, um, how do I wear this? Really? Any suggestions? I love the hat, and if I’d gotten the other I’d wanted, Josh would have mocked me more!
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Weekly Winners: Nov. 18-24, 2012

All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account.

NaNoWriMo has turned into the case of the randoms. I’m not writing one story. It’s becoming a whole bunch of everything else. I’m already like SO over NaNoWriMo this year. I’m ready to just quit and say screw it. At this point, though, I am so close to finishing that quitting would be the stupidest thing I’ve done in who knows how long. So, I am not going to quit.

Mmm, thanksgiving desserts #FMSPhotoADay #FMSPhotoADayNov
Yum to the max. Seriously. Well, of what I actually ate.

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Come and Sit a Spell

Kids and Josh went into the rainforest. I popped a squat on a bench with this view

There’s a bench (not an industrial bench) at the Topeka Zoo that I will sit at when Josh takes the kids into the rainforest. I can’t go in there unless I have to because the smell and humidity make me sick to my stomach and causes a major head.

A Congo African Grey Parrot at Topeka Zoo, Kan...

A Congo African Grey Parrot at Topeka Zoo, Kansas, USA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I sit outside, and wait. I have some quiet time to reflect on what is the meaning of life (42). I listen to the sounds of the birds inside the rainforest building. I hear the honking of the geese. I hear laughter of kids on a nearby playground.

It’s a peaceful feeling, though I am wishing that I was inside, enjoying the wonder of my kids’ enjoyment of the birds and animals. The ability to spend the rest of the day with my family, though missing those few moments, is worth more than seeing those few moments and feeling them ruined moments later when I feel the need to just crawl under the covers, with my trusty bucket friend. Just in case I don’t make it to the bathroom in time.