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One Item Ticked Off the List

I have a list of things I need to do this week while I’m off. Each day, I’ll choose a different task.

Today was my bathroom. I know, this pic, it doesn’t look like much was done, but I went through EVERYTHING! Four trash bags were filled!

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Women Are Gross

Before you get all offended, please remember I’m a female. I’m a woman. I know the ins and outs of being female, a mother, all of that jazz.

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Going to Work

New Fan for the Laptop

I would so love to have a job right now. Something that pays well, but doesn’t require dealing with the public. That definitely knocks out medical assistant school. Then again that was knocked out because um, EW, I don’t like people’s bodily fluids. Heck, I don’t even like my own kids’.

Speaking of which, anyone know how to train a boy to pee in the toilet and not all over the floor. In a review video, you can hear me say “Ew, this stinks” and its because of the pee on the floor. Its really bad when Josh is saying “Oh that’s nasty”.

SPH: Spiral

Theme: Spiral

Water spirals down
Taking a long journey
To make it’s way back here
Some day, Some day soon.

That’s How I Clean

That’s How I Clean, originally uploaded by Sarah @ TM2TS.

Laptop sits in the sink (:lol:)
See the little remote? You can adjust the songs while sitting on the pot that way 😛
Before you say anything, YES I use all that stuff on the counter, :lol:. Not all of it is mine, though. Some of it is my husband’s, and even a few of them are my kidlets.

So, how do you clean?