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Thursday 13 – 24th Edition – Things I’ve Noticed About Blogging

I’ve been blogging since 2001. I originally started on LJ, and worked my way over to self-hosting. I have to say that I love it.
But, with it, you learn a few things. 🙂 Here are thirteen things I’ve learned 🙂
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Thirteen Things To Blog About

Each week, I’ll do a different theme with Thursday Thirteen, just for this blog. If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comments section 🙂

This week’s theme is 13 ideas for things to blog about 🙂
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Weekly Winners – February 17

Mr. Uh-Duh, aka my husband

Little Miss Static

Camera off or pain
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The Family Pictures

Obviously, one of us all together. Every shot that was taken was awesome, honestly. This shot was the first one taken, and even up to the end, the kids were having a blast, and had all of us cracking up. They did amazing the whole time.
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