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Long Time No Post

I’m bad about this blogging thing.

Actually, I’ve just been really exhausted. Working 50 hours this week alone, and I worked 45 hours last week! And it doesn’t look like it’s going to get any easier on me anytime soon (or anyone of us).

So, I’m posting, FINALLY, again, with a warning that I won’t be steady until August. Then I’ll be working on prepping for #NaNoWriMo and I’m stupid excited for that!

Do I have an idea for it? Nope, not a clue.

But I’m ready to begin!


Currentlys Again

I figured I’d start doing the Currently cards again, so here are a few.


I started Alphas today and I am already hooked with the first episode!

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Day 15: Ready

Day 15: Ready by TM2TS
Day 15: Ready, a photo by TM2TSon Flickr.

15. Ready: What’s ready right now? Are you ready to explore? Is your lunch ready? Are you ready to leave? This one will get you thinking.
The kids are officially ready for back to school. At least we’re pretending we are!

Things to Make Today / Hosting a SS

  1. Signature for Gingerscraps. Must have my name 😛
  2. Desktop for Gingerscraps. Must have a calendar (so hard </sarcasm> 😆 )
  3. Desktop for Brownie Scraps. Must be a memory from the previous season (summer for me)

HOSTING a Speed Scrap!!
Thursday, Sept. 09, 16, and 23rd
Noon EST
11am CST
10am MST
9am PST

PP? Oh, you dare ask for one of those? Just kidding!
The PP is CUSTOM GLITTERS. You’ll give me a set of 5 or so colors, and I’ll make you glitters to match! *squee*
They’ll be CU, as well!!

03/04/2010 To Do List

Ugh, remember that this is *just* the scrapping to do list, Whistling.

  1. at least 2 layouts with Flip Flops
  2. at least 2 layouts with Tranquility
  3. 2 challenges per forum
    • Ginger Scraps
    • DigiScrapbookMania
    • Stuff to Scrap
    • Brownie Scraps
    • Gotta Pixel
  4. P365 – The Letter O

The good news? I can knock out technically 8 of those layouts by combining 1 and 2 with 4 layouts from 3, Thinking.

And I’m trying to find a good “Now Playing” plug-in for Windows Live Writer but none of them are reading iTunes. Ugh! WTF?

And … as if you couldn’t tell, I found one that worked! It just took what feels like ages to properly get it configured!!

Now listening to: Backstreet Boys – The Hits: Chapter One [Canada Bonus Tracks] – As Long As You Love Me