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Life and The Like, Plus New Releases

First (this happened TODAY):

There is a kid who’s just a bad kid all around. He needs an attitude adjustment badly.

So, they’re throwing baseballs, and I finally just had enough. I told him off for it.

Told him flat out that if he breaks my window I was going to break him.

Weird, but best part, the other kids were standing up with me, saying that he needed to stop, or he was going to get his family evicted.

Then, I have a neighbor walk up to me and thank me, for saying it. Said that she’s forever out there telling them to stop throwing rocks and things because they’re going to break something.

Ugh! Lack of parenting is quite apparent.


Yesterday started as a very pretty day. Just gorgeous and nice. Temps were perfect all around. All that good stuff.

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