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Posting Plans

I’m trying to figure out a schedule for the blog. And my YouTube channel. I don’t know what I want to do though.

  • Mondays: Plans for the week, including pictures of at least one planner. Gotta put those to use 😉
  • Tuesdays: Photo a Day Themes. I want to get into that again!
  • Wednesday: Listers Gotta List
  • Thursdays: Day in the Life. I want to do these weekly. It might be a vlog, or it just might be a bunch of pictures. Gonna try and do at least some Thursday 3s as well.
  • Fridays: Scrapbook layouts. I’m hoping for at least one a week! 😀
  • Saturdays: Fun days. I am going to leave it free for whatever I want or feel like posting. Default will be a book review 😀
  • Sundays: I miss “Weekly Winners” so I’m going back to that. Even if I don’t have a place to share the link, I am excited to be back to taking pictures again!


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30 December, 2015 · 10:01 pm

Week in My Life: Week 25

June 16 – 22, 2014
This week was Madison’s birthday and we couldn’t celebrate it right. Josh was stressed out over the vehicles and I had an on-again, off-again headache!


I finished 3 books in 2 1/2 days and one wasn’t supposed to be released until the 15th of July and I can’t review it or anything until then! STRESS!!
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Week in My Life: Week 23


This week included a lot of headaches courtesy of humidity. Blech!


June 02
yeah, I ended up with some sunburn! SO not a pretty sight right now (on Monday ;))
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9 June, 2014 · 5:37 pm

Week in My Life: Wednesday

Adventuroo WIML wed 13

Well, Wednesday ended up a little better. Morning was stressed to the MAX. Today, the blog post is late because I woke up with a wicked headache. Air pressure change caused it. 🙁

Josh was off today, for his scheduled day off. I’m missing his working 6-days a week. I love having him home, but the OT was seriously nice. Now that it’s completely gone, I’ve been looking into working and NO ONE is willing to hire someone who hasn’t worked in 11 years because she had kids, and the smart financial decision was for her to stay home. They also want someone who’ll be a


It wasn’t until around almost noon when I realized I hadn’t eaten a thing. So, I peeled and sliced myself up a cucumber. Yum!

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Weekly Winners: May 12 – 18, 2013

weekly winners

All shots for the Weekly Winners meme are taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Canon PowerShot A3400 IS, or the HTC Inspire 4G Android Phone. More can be found on my Flickr account. Project 365 pictures can be found in this set.

Not a lot of pictures this week. I enjoyed a nice Mother’s Day at home with the family and it was super nice. I hung out with the neighbors, and it was awesome.

My Mother’s Day gifts: a new pillow, two tripods (Gorillapod and Targus 50″), breakfast in bed, turtles chocolate, flowers, Skittles and Twizzlers. Yum!

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