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Sleepy Time Lists

The second of step of the Build a Better Blog Challenge and it’s to write a “list post”. Goodness, I write one at least once a week for Thursday 13, but here’s another. I’m setting this to post in a few hours, so by the time it posts, I’d had better be asleep in my bed.

Madi has no school until Tuesday [she goes back Tuesday if that makes more sense]. She’s so smart, though, that I don’t want her to forget what she’s learning. I bought her some workbooks for her to work on this week and during the summer.
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T13 – 39th Edition – Christmas for the Kids

Thirteen Things My Kids Might Want for Christmas

1. GeoTrax GeoAir Mega Set
2. Fisher-Price Dora Saves the Snow Princess Prance & Fly Pegasus
3. Russ Berrie Shining Stars Unicorn
4. Disney Princess Special Edition Leapster2 Learning Game System
5. Brother Bear 2
6. Wall-E (Three-Disc Special Edition + Digital Copy)
7. Hometown White Bed with Frame
8. The Wizard of Oz (Two-Disc Special Edition)
9. Thomas & Friends All Aboard Toddler Bedding 4 Pcs Set
10. Disney Princess Ariel Bed Blanket – twin size Royal Plush Raschel Throw
11. Kung Fu Panda Two – Pack (Kung Fu Panda Widescreen Edition + Secrets of the Furious Five)
12. JumpStart Advanced Premium 1st Grade
13. JumpStart Advanced Premium Kindergarten

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What do you think your kids would want?
And yes, most of those, the kids have asked for, especially the Unicorn and Dora :)a


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Spoiling for Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Time for Halloween and working on special decorations for that. I personally love and adore Halloween. I can’t wait until we have a house and I can full decorate for the holiday πŸ™‚
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I got it!!

I ended up actually getting the Nokia!! Walmart had it for $98.63; it was $104.something for everything. I just put in my L2 SIM card, and *boom* it all works!! Now I have to switch the card back to the L2 and get phone numbers (totally forgot about that), but I’m loving this phone πŸ™‚ I’m having fun customizing it to be totally me!! Anyone know where I can get some Nokia themes?

We also got Ethan a new pair of tennis shoes. We got them at Toys ‘R Us and got them for cheaper than Madi’s from Gordmann’s. πŸ™‚ They’re ADORABLE!! They’ve got Thomas the Train on them. He loves them! We also got him another piece for his train set. It was only $20, and wouldn’t be there much longer (it’s the older style, without the figurines). He’s playing with it now. Madi got a stuffed giraffe that’s half the height she is. She picked it out πŸ™‚

I got the rest of the items for my costume and the wedding: bra, push-up pieces, bra straps (clear ones), fishnets, and tattoo sleeves. *sweet* Josh thinks I look really hot in my costume now, XD

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