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Project Life: Week 03


I can’t believe how well I’m keeping up with this! I’m doing a lot better than I did this time last year! I think not restricting it to P365 pictures is really helping! Then I can pick a random picture for each day without having to see it show up in the weekly layouts! I’m really excited for all of this!

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Project Life: Week 02


I’m on time again for the weekly layouts! Even if I didn’t take a bunch of pictures (migraines and things REALLY ruin things! 🙁

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Project Life: Week 01


First Week is completed!!

Here are the layouts in larger size (with their credits).

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Project 365: Out of Order

Project 365 and Project Life are definitely things I’m enjoying!

I’m a little out of order, because I’m playing catch-up. I need to do like 9 weeks BEFORE Week 18, BUT if I stay caught up on the CURRENT weeks, I’ll be able to catch up easier. I did post the layouts for Week 18 and 19 already! Eventually I’ll also get caught up with Project Life but forcing myself to do two-page layouts during weeks where NOTHING happened, it’s hard! So, I might, for a few of them, just do a single layout. A max of even numbers, so if I do ever print, it doesn’t look all weird and funky!

In June, I’m also planning on doing some other projects that involve pictures! Something to help make sure that I have pictures to USE for both projects:

image image image

Speaking of June, I might have mentioned it, but on the 3rd, I’ll be heading to INDIANA!! I’m excited to see my family, but I’m worried about things breaking. I’m always worried about that stuff. I’m planning on vlogging every single day of June. So, June 01-30, there will be a video up at some time. It’ll be through ANY of my cameras. My cellphone, my webcam, or my Canon A3400. I’d say it’d be with the JVC, but it won’t work because we don’t have a Firewire port anymore. Oh well!

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Pretty New Layouts

I’m finally scrapbooking again. Ugh. I haven’t had much time on my hands! Then, when I do, things don’t want to work. My tablet (a Bamboo Fun CTE-450) didn’t want to play with the laptop. I have to test it on the tower again to see if it’s Windows 8 or if it’s the tablet itself. Either way, looks like I’m might have to invest in a new tablet. I like the idea but I don’t use it often enough to really warrant the cost. Dilemmas and decisions.

Another big problem is that the laptop isn’t getting a great signal from the router. I can connect to the network with no issues, but we’re seeing our internet speeds CUT IN HALF when connecting via the WiFi, but seeing 32Mb/s when we’re hardwired via LAN. NOT what I want to deal with. So, we’re going to have to upgrade to a new router. This is so not how I wanted this week to work out.
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