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Strawberry Wine

I really do like how this turned out. I used a template from Mari Mundo and I love the template itself. Too much washi, but I love the color palette, which was created by Michelle Baxter 😀

And there’s a theme to it …
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New Year, New Theme

I probably won’t be keeping it long. We all know how much I’ll switch, but for now, I’m liking it.

I got a new header for it too!!

Kit: Project 2014 January by Connie Prince

Now I’m working on a blog schedule! If you have any suggestions for weekly memes, any sort, let me know!

Theme Choices

Oi! I’m in trouble. Got me some new kits and now I have to make a decision:

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Busy Monday

Okay, time to get back on the schedule of actually doing stuff during the day.

1. Work on websets for Krissy. I’ve owed her these for a little while. *:eek:*
2. NaNoWriMo writing. I’m at 15,005. Minimum goal: 16672. My goal: 17,000. We’ll see, 😆

15123 / 16672
15123 / 17000
15123 / 50000

3. Laundry. Kill me now, but Madi has no pants 😆
4. Dishes. Ew!
5. Kitchen cleaning.
6. Some CT layouts 🙂

What? Huh?

I took too PMs last night and DAMN! I’m still out of it this morning. Slept GREAT though. Didn’t wake up until my phone alarm went off at 7:30, :lol:. Still kind of tired, though.

I’ve got a bunch of crap to do today.
:pill: Laundry, of course. I keep putting that off for tomorrow. Need to stop doing that today.
:pill: Do some digi scrap pages.
:pill: Hunt around for some character sheets.
:pill: Work on the new look for WCS. Still working on deciding the template for that.

What are your plans for today?