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Vlogmas 2015: Day 04

I played some Sims 4 πŸ˜€ I like it πŸ˜€ There’s a bit of extra sound. That’s courtesy of the external fan that the laptop sits on, plus the keyboard itself that I have to use. I’m not worrying about upgrading anything just yet. At some point, I’ll be able to use a laptop with an external monitor and extra keyboard and things, but for now, my current set-up works just fine. I’m not trying to be a big YouTube gamer or anything.

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Summer Break

Summer break has officially started now!


Madison didn’t have to go at all because her last official day was yesterday! πŸ˜€ She enjoyed the few hours alone. She got to play Sims 3, πŸ˜† Now she’s at her friend’s (our neighbor’s below us) spending the night!

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Game Me Amadeus


I’m going to spend my summer break playing some Sims 3. ApparentlyΒ The Sims 4 is coming out in September. I won’t be buying it anytime soon, trust me. Cheapest I’ve seen it is $60 and I’ve seen $80 copies. That’s insanity! Nope, I’ll wait until they start bug fixing first πŸ˜‰

So, I’m playing the current games I have (Yes, I have them all, and a good chunk of the Sims 3 Store, :lol:). Don’t judge me. I’m loving it!

What I’ve Been Doing

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What have I been doing since Wednesday?
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