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30 Lists: Days 02-04

30 Lists - Day 02
Day 02:
1. Using my other cameras besides my phone
2. Be more consistent with videos
3. Become more organized.
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May the Odds Ever Be In Your Favor

231/366 [2012] - May the Odds

I have been quiet, yes. I’ve been watching The Hunger Games, the first movie. It came with a WONDERFUL mockingjay pendant. It might not be on 10k gold chains, but I will tell you something. I’m totally in love with this pendant. I love it. SO MUCH! I think it would even be appropriate for RenFest, but that might just be me Open-mouthed smile

Otherwise, there hasn’t been too much going on. Back to school. Migraines from the weather. Weird drama on Facebook involving family.

All in all, normal normal Open-mouthed smile

It’s All Greek To Me

There’s a challenge, an amazing challenge, at Gingerscraps for the Book Club. This month, we read “Hunger Games”. (my review) SUCH A DAMN GOOD BOOK!! I’ve actually officially finished the trilogy. I LOVED Mockingjay (my review), but was more of going Disappointed smile with Catching Fire. (my review) All in all, a really good series. REALLY good. As in, GAH!! I wanna see the movies so badly. I’m completely obsessed with the Hunger Games Mockingjay Call that’s available on Amazon right now (FOR FREE). I have it, actually, as my text tone on my HTC Inspire Open-mouthed smile Red heart

Besides that, I also am COMPLETELY obsessed with the Taylor Swift song (featuring The Civil Wars): Safe & Sound

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Sunday Was BUSY :D

My bedside #marchphotoaday day #41330869969415.jpg

Woke up to an empty bed (husband was in the shower) and the sun was shining through the blinds.


We had to do a Wal-Mart run for groceries. As usual, we stop at the toys section. The kids did GREAT the past couple weeks with the new reward system, especially Madison, so they deserved something.

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