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Life is Grand

Through the Sun Glare
Yesterday was Josh’s 2nd day off for the week. They have him scheduled off on Friday, but there seems to be a really good chance that they’ll call him in. That’s fine with us. Yesterday was a paid day off, because he used his annual (he earns 4 hours every 2 weeks for that, and 4 hours of sick time 😉 )
It’s been super hot lately, but Ethan wanted to play with his Hummer remote-controlled vehicle, so Josh took him and Madi outside. I went along because I’m the camera nerd who wants to capture everything in digital memories. 🙂 Life is grand like that.
Ethan had a blast playing because he finally got to use a remote control cast free. He’s slowly using the arm more and more, but it took him a little bit of time to use it when he got the cast put on as well 🙂 He’s still running around like a chicken with his head cut off. We’re considering investing in a good pair of safety glasses, just in case 😉 That or bubble wrap. Oh wait, that’s what Dad is going to wrap Mom in, 😆

I hate IE

Just saying. Currently having to use it while waiting on Vista to update. So that I can install Windows 7.

The worst freaking part? It won’t even freaking install 64-bit, though supposedly I’m supposed to be able to. Laptop can definitely handle it. So, I reset to default settings for no freaking reason. *grumble*

In other news, Ethan got a cast today:

I even got him to pose so I could take these shots! *w00t* My han’m is just too cute!

Though, sadly, before bed, he realized that it wasn’t going to be coming off, and that made him sad and started to freak out. Josh broke him out of the freak-out by showing him that we could all sign his cast. He loved that idea!