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Review: Crave Me by Stacey Lynn

Crave Me (Luminous #2)Crave Me by Stacey Lynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Chloe’s sister was married to Simon. The sister was not into “things” that Simon was, aka BDSM. So, she filed for divorce. She told Chloe everything and she was intrigued. More than that, she had always had a crush on Simon.

She didn’t go immediately, obviously, and the story has some twists and turns, but it was a great read. The perfect amount of drama, and wonderfully written scenes.

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Field Trip

Ethan’s class went on a Field Trip to the KU Natural History Museum!

The boys had a lot of fun, and I took a few pictures 😉

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This Winter?

Snowball Fight

They’re calling for a “normal” winter, with “normal precipitation” now, instead of what they were calling for, which was a MUCH WETTER one. Well, our area is on the cusp of “normal”, and “oh crap, bad” or something. So, the kids are going to be cooped up inside, more often, and hopefully, though, I won’t be required to look into wrestling gear from Suplay.com, to keep them safe.

I’m not sure what I’m wanting. I don’t want a crapton of snow, because, ugh, I’m over it from the winter before last (last winter we got a whopping like 2 inches ALL WINTER of snow). I’m not wanting major cold, either, but gah, we need it because we need it to kill the bugs. TOO many bugs this year. GOOD thing about a lack of rain was the lack of mosquitos in the area. Otherwise it would have been very dangerous for us. We’ll leave that to Texas.

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