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Week in the Life [Wednesday]


Yesterday was 9/11, the twelfth anniversary of the falling of two buildings (well, more fell, but you know the drift), heroes crashed a plane into a field, and a military post was hit (or something. Trying to figure out a way to NOT say Pentagon, but I failed.

Before school, the kids watched a little of the original live coverage on MSNBC. Madison was horrified, and Ethan was full of questions, as usual. We gave them the story of where we were, how we felt, all of that. This is the first year that they really understand what it means, what happened, and why they have so much focus on it.

My husband was also off for a scheduled day off (USPS carriers have rotating days off), so we had a bit of a date day, without the actual date, :lol:.

Now, on to the actual pictures!

The kids saw the second plane hit in “real time” and Madi was appalled.

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WTF? – Political Related

I am speechless. I just heard a tape of a truly hateful speech made by an elected official. It is astounding what they will say when they think we are not listening. Check it out at http://www.victoryfund.org/listening. Equating the movement for LGBT equality with terrorism and toe cancer? Come on. It is so ridiculous that it would almost be humorous, except that she is deadly serious, and people are listening to her behind closed doors. We will not let this one go by. We need to make sure she knows people everywhere know what they say when they think we’re not listening by visiting http://www.victoryfund.org/listening.


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