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Not Feeling Good

From where I stand... Well, sit, I'm going to ...

I’m going to relax

Daily, it feels, I’ve been waking up with my digestive system going “haha fuck you” Cramps, the whole shebang.

It doesn’t seem to be the diet, because no matter what I eat, or don’t eat, it’s doing it.

I’m at a loss, and honestly, it feels like an IBS-related thing. Simply because it started around when I started getting sick with the cold/sinus/whatever. I was on a largely liquid diet because it was all I could handle. Then I jumped to ravioli and spaghetti-ohs for almost a full week. That’ll screw you up for sure.

Tonight, it’s really bad. That’s because I went to HuHot and I gorged. I had teriyaki sauce and broccoli. Both cause issues, which is the big thing I’m dealing with right now. Even with Gas-X, I’m in some pain.