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This Week in Pictures


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I missed doing Weekly Winners, so I’m back to doing these on Sundays! πŸ˜€

Just a fun edit to a picture I took of my One on my Saucony shoes!

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And I Bit the Bullet

I did it! I chopped off my hair! πŸ˜€

Someone got her hair cut #izombie #rosemciver #foundmyperfectcut

I really love how it turned out. It’ll be super easy to change it up, just by adding a clip or barrette, or even just a curl here or there. I love it!

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Madi’s New Shoes

Madison got new shoes. She picked both pair out. She also saved me $20 by doing it because the shoes I wanted to get her were more expensive! Plus, she’s taller!!

She’s wearing her tennis shoes to school today, and is already asking when she can wear her sandals!! That’s a good sign, because that means she loves them! She’ll usually go outside barefoot to see Josh come home, but she had to take the time to put on her sandals yesterday. *w00t* She chose well, I think. Very pink. Very girly.

I Have a Love For Shoes

Adidas Ozweego's are my dream shoes.I love, love, love to shop for shoes but I’m scared to death to buy them online. I have this really weird arch that requires certain shoes. So, the super cute high heels and even most athletic shoes don’t work out for me.

I’ve been on the hunt for a certain pair of tennis shoes, though. They’re Adidas Ozweegos. Many moons ago, I found a pair that I wanted so bad. They had PURPLE. Purple, I tell you, and I’ve yet to find them again. When my parents had the funds to get them, they disappeared, and were replaced with this ugtastic red and gold combination. *gag* So, I didn’t get them, and went with a pair of purple Athletic Works or something from Walmart πŸ™

Now my goal is to find a few pair of Sketchers or Airwalks that I like. When it comes to shoes, and the comfy good ones that fit my feet perfectly, they tend to run upwards over $50. I can’t justify spending that much on a pair of shoes. Why? Because I do not wear shoes often enough. I’m almost always barefoot.

So, what type of shoes do you like?

Weekly Winners – March 16, 2008

Pictures are not in any special order πŸ™‚

Is that an EAR I spy?

Mommy and her boy (ignore the splotchies … skin is getting used to its own hormones)

Hmm, nice ass πŸ™‚

Papier please? (Yes, he says “papier”)


More rings than keys, XD

Who cares about maturity? It’s BIG but COMFY!!

Too damn small!!

Sims music is awesome (actually, I just get annoyed hearing it when I’m trying to watch TV, xd

Oh that? That’s my spot πŸ™‚

Hey, privacy here!! I’m talking to my husband πŸ™‚

Shirt says it all! “Totally Yours … Until I’m Bored”, and I was bored πŸ˜›

What’s more adorable? His gorgeous blonde hair or the fact that he’s putting on his sunglasses, inside, and upside-down?

Madi’s very domestic, even if it’s in Ethan’s room, πŸ˜›

The colored walls. They were originally pristine white.

Double the cuteness, but only singlet of trouble.

The haircut is too freaking CUTE!!

She’s actually comfortable that way o.O

She’s so sweet looking πŸ™‚

He needs a grooming!! His brows, at least!!

They love their new shoes πŸ™‚ Madi got Tinkerbell ones (she picked them), and Ethan got a pair of Thomas tennis shoes, and plain brown sandals (Madi already got new tennis shoes)

Mr. Thrilled

Adorable sleeper

Yeah, she’s gonna cry, for some reason.

You’re doing it wrong!

Bye bye, Shaggy look-a-like πŸ™