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March Photo a Day–Week 03 & a layout :D

Today was a busy-ish day. Left the apartment around 2pm. Had a cookie booth. We stayed the whole time too Open-mouthed smile

It was nice!


Template: Likey Likey Duo by SecretStash
Kit: Lil Firefighters by Statements by Jodi

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Hello July First!

Can you believe that it’s the first of July already? Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and readers!! Three days until The Fourth here in the US! Big holiday for us. According to Sarah Palin, it’s the day we won our guns from the British. Hot smile Sorry, I couldn’t resist that. Sorry to any Palin fans Sick smile Being serious, it’s the day we declared our independence from Britain.

BTW, Clinton shows up in that video, and dang it, I miss him as president!!

The song also reminds me … I need a 4th of July playlist! Share with me your favorite classic and non-classic 4th of July music!

Now, onto the new releases from Gingerscraps! Come on, you knew they were coming! New Buffet kit, a new Guest Designer (WELCOME TO JEN YURKO), and other great releases!!

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Going Creatively

My view above. Direct sunlight. Maybe I'll get some color.

Challenges and weather. That’s what I’ve had to deal with.

The challenges are Brownie Scraps, the Supreme challenge, that is. Another is a speed scrap from Gingerscraps! Smile

On the weather, it’s been COLD. I never thought I’d say that 80 was cold after this winter, but hell, it was cold. Sitting in direct sunlight yesterday afternoon, and I was STILL cold!

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ADSR is at an End

So is school and Brownies. So, I have 3 layouts for all three of those Smile

How did you show your appreciation to the teachers in your life?

Template: On the Grid by Creations by Julie
Kit: My Wish For Your by Connie Prince

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